Bell Helicopter Near-Term System Improvements

The OH-58F currently available with performance enhancements, offers the fastest-fielding, lowest-risk and most affordable solution to achieve improved high/hot performance in an armed scout helicopter. This high/hot performance that our soldiers need can be attained with propulsion and drive train upgrades to the existing Kiowa Warrior platform. Building upon F model Cockpit and Sensor Upgrade Program (CASUP) improvements by adding a new engine, transmission, and rotor system, along with the latest condition-based maintenance (CBM) technologies, the upgraded OH-58F will provide greater capability, better performance, increased safety and even more operational readiness.

Key Features and Benefits

  • New Honeywell HTS900 engine delivers 1,021 shaft horsepower
  • Improved 407 transmission and main rotors provide greater safety & performance
  • New Bell 427 tailrotor and gear box assembly for improved high/hot tailrotor authority
  • Level II MUM-O baseline with a growth to Level IV control


  • M3P .50 cal gun
  • 2.75” Rockets
  • Hellfire Missiles

Essential Specifications

Cruise Speed at Max Gross Wt 108 kts 200 kph
Range 210 nm 389 km
Maximum Gross Weight 5,500 lbs 2,495 kg
HOGE at 6K/95 5,500 lbs (max gross weight)  
Powerplant One (1) Honeywell HTS900
  1,021 shp 761 kW