The Future Warrior

The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior has been on the front lines fighting next to the ground commander for the last decade. In an effort to bring the fleet back to full strength, the Army has initiated a Wartime Replacement Aircraft program. For this initiative, Bell Helicopter has begun building cabins, complete with new wiring harnesses, that will then be delivered to Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) for final assembly as an operational aircraft and integration back into the fleet.

In order to maintain combat effectiveness, the Army has also initiated an OH-58F upgrade program. The F model program will infuse technology into the combat-proven Kiowa platform. With a new Nose Mounted Sensor, new Control and Display Sub-system 5 (CDS-5), three new color displays, dual channel FADEC, and integrated Level II MUM-O, the OH-58F is the “Next Generation of Kiowa” that will continue to take the fight to the enemy.

Building upon F model Cockpit and Sensor Upgrade Program (CASUP) improvements by adding a new engine, transmission, and rotor system, along with the latest condition-based maintenance (CBM) technologies, the upgraded OH-58F will provide greater capability, better performance, increased safety and even more operational readiness.