The Cavalry

On fiery steeds they rode for independence, that first cavalry of what was to become the United States of America. When the young nation became embroiled in civil war, the cavalry was put to use on both sides, with brother riding against brother. As the ideas of American exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny took root, brave cavalrymen once again mounted up and made safe passage for those pioneers moving westward toward the American dream.

In WWI, the cavalry saw its final days on horseback. The end of an era gave way to a new one in subsequent wars, as the cavalry took to the skies in “mechanical horses,” fearlessly riding into the fray for freedom much as their forefathers had done before them.

This website is dedicated to all those brave cavalrymen – on land and in the skies – who have faced enemies far and near. Enjoy their stories. Share your own. For we are On a Mission to pay tribute to the cavalry of this great nation.

750,000 Combat Hours

1-6 CAV Ft Riley, KS 6-6 CAV Ft Drum, NY 3-17 CAV Ft Stewart, GA 6-17 CAV Ft wainwright, AK 2-17 CAV Ft Campbell KY
1-17 CAV Ft Bragg, NC 1-230 ACS Knoxville, TN 2-6 CAV Hawaii 7-17 CAV Ft, Campbell, Ky 4-6 CAV Ft, Lweis, WA

Cavalry Contribution to Army

From the birth of a nation here on American soil to current battlefields in faraway lands, the cavalry has played a rich and vital role for the U.S. Army. The contributions of the Cav Pilots and their support crews are immeasurable. Battle after battle, war after war, they bring intelligence, reconnaissance, relief and security to our ground troops and those of our allies.

The storied, historic contributions of this specialized faction are best told in their own words. Read their accounts here on this site, and check back often for newly added first-hand accounts.